Upravit stránku


Maintenance can be divided in 3 categories:

  1. Repairs
  2. Renovation
  3. Modernization

Apart from obvious warranty and after-waranty repairs we also provide:


  • ​Replacement of hydraulic oil, oil refilling to spherical joint and other routine regular maintenance
  • Replacement of piston sealing of compression machines
  • Repairs of controller DigiMess a DigiMaxx
  • We are in touch with service technician F + T


  • All repairs including „prototypes“, laboratory instruments including crushers
  • All types of devices for air content tests in fresh concrete
  • Mechanical, electronic and electric defects


  • All types of machines for water permeability testing of concrete
  • Laboratory mixers


Replacement of all separate „logical“elements in switch board (relays, timer relays, A/D converters, etc.) for one suitable PLC. This solution has many advantages. Instead of elements exchanging and swithchingover when change or adjustment needed, simple reprogramming of control unit is easier. Moreover PLC is more reliable than similar control system from separate units and occupies less space. PLC can „communicate“ with operator – annouces the notices in which stage of programme the machine is at the moment, also warning messages and other notices according to situation. In addition, customer can set and change the parameters directly on the PLC (times, force etc.).

For example laboratory mixer MCK, where is faulty mechanical programmer is replaced by control unit mini PLC Crouzet.

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