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To determine the moisture in building material (fe. Concrete) according to calcium-carbide method. Complete with all necessary tools for the test comes in one metal transport case. 

In transport case are situated:

  • Pressure bottle made of stainless steel, calibrated bottle volume - tolerance ± 1 %
  • Precision manometer with scales 20, 50, 10g, with rubber protection of the manometer
  • Precision spring- balance, capacity 100g, resolution 1g
  • 4 steel balls (3 x 24,5 mm + 1 x 14,5 mm)
  • Complete set of tools for preparing of specimens
  • 20 ampoules of calcium carbide
  • 3 test ampoules for manometer test
  • Precise metal transport case with operating instructions


  • Precision electronic balance, capacity 150g, resolution 0,1g
  • Metal test sieve R100, mesh size 2,0mm
  • Digital manometer
  • Thermo-printer for protocol print out, with memory

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