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Device BL 150 to breaking of concrete cubes

Accessories for water permeability tester in combination with pressing machine.

Stainless steel curing tanks for concrete specimens without regulation

Curing tank for 24 concrete cubes 150 mm with optimal working weight and bottom outlet valve.

Water permeability tester for testing of 12 specimens

Maximum use of laboratory space, 2x6 specimens in one test.

New compressing testing machine was installed in Ostrava

Compressing machine ALPHA 5000 kN, the best quality press with a pressure E-module.

Mixer of refractories in the new size HMZ 40

Technical data:

TypeHMZ 40f
Dimensions A x B x H800 x 600 x 1060 mm
The speed of blades30 - 180 RPM
Speed of the vessel10 - 60 RPM
The volume of the mixing vessel40 litres
The volume of the stirred mixtureup to 26 litres
Weight240 kg
Input power4,4 kW
Voltage3 x 400/500 Hz